Filling machine developing very fast


Filling Machine  led to the emergence of the many enterprises of rapid development, in many industries have used, so that the development is very rapid filling machine. The filling machine in the food industry, beverage industry, chemical industry and other widely used, as aquatic product processing, packaging technology and equipment are put forward new requirement. The simple discussion of filling machine in all walks of life development prospect:

Food industry: at present, food packaging machinery, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the future of food Filling Machinery  will work with the industrial automation, the promotion of packaging equipment to improve the overall level of development, multifunction and high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment. A lot of enterprises with an annual output value of tens of millions in the below is rarely, this phenomenon indicates that the Chinese packaging industry in the market has occupied a dominant position. But as a result of very rapid development, will also be part of enterprises are facing closure or change jobs, while another portion joining the ranks, extremely unstable, serious obstacle its industry development stability. Therefore, we should change from the market point of view, to ensure the stability and development of.

The chemical industry, filling machine in the industry the most rapidly, cosmetics, toothpaste, shoe polish, some products can not be separated from the filling machine filling, a lot of enterprises also accelerated the production and using new equipment to replace the traditional filling equipment, so to accelerate the enterprise production efficiency. Because of rapid market consumption, thus the filling machine in daily chemical industry’s rapid development.

The pharmaceutical industry, some of the Liquid Filling Machineor viscous liquid filling are derived from the liquid filling machine. In addition, the chemical industry and special paste or liquid products can use the filling machine for filling, this can guarantee the quality of products and reduce pollution.

Our country current situation of the development of filling machine


Filling Machine  industry in many fields have been all to play the huge role, it from entering the Chinese market, development is relatively backward and has been explored to mimic the state, now in the rapid development of the time, canned industry must have a certain scale, product variety, harvest rich, for example: the vacuum filling machine, filling machine, Liquid Filling Machine, sauce filling machine and other products increasing, technical level has been greatly improved, but it is undeniable that Filling Machinery  industry overall level is still in a backward state, a lot of filling machine products relatively backward.


There are 2 main reasons:


First: China filling machine industry started late, a lot of basic technical force is weaker, cause many enterprises to update equipment does not follow to go up, cannot satisfy the needs of the market now. Many enterprises are not good processing technology and supporting industry support, therefore has been imitated by new foreign equipment, over-reliance on lead to the lack of independent innovation. Although in the same conditions can work to meet production needs, but in the production efficiency on the issue of great disadvantages.


Secondly, filling machine quality and stable performance. Many domestic enterprises in the production of packaging equipment quality, mainly because the processing precision is not high enough, and not beautiful appearance design. In the production processing technology and product performance, low level uneven resulting instability prone to failure.


Therefore, in the face of these adverse factors, filling machine development is the best way to constant innovation, constantly improve quality, improve product performance and stability, but also enhance the market consciousness constantly according to the market changes to change the filling equipment changes, promote domestic filling machine industry development, to continue research and development of new filling machinery, building with national characteristics of type.


Analysis of development of our liquid filling machine market has great potential to explore

The production line that can be achieved because of their special works, products from raw materials to the packaging equipment, a route through the processing, transportation, assembly, inspection, and a series of production activities. The production line has greater flexibility to adapt to the needs of the production of many varieties. Filling machine production line applications can achieve high-volume production for food, medicine, daily chemical enterprises, thus helping manufacturers to achieve the purpose of high-speed production. Past, Filling Machine  production line is not the method of choice for the user enterprises.

Mainly filling production line system has a number of drawbacks, including high procurement costs, heavy equipment, installation difficulties, higher maintenance costs and other issues. But now, the defects of the bottling line has advanced technology and new bottling line system replaced more and more enterprises begin to pay attention and use the filling machine production line, they began to realize that the fill lines to bring its benefits. filling lines in food, medicine, daily chemical production enterprises play an important role in to optimize filling lines directly related to product quality and production efficiency, and therefore become a topic of concern to the major production companies have to.

In recent years, the rapid development of the beverage industry, constantly enrich the variety of carbonated drinks, fruit drinks, vegetable juice drinks, milk drinks, bottled water, tea drinks, more and more types of requirements for Filling Machinery , including Beverage Filling Machine installed, there are many.

The the domestic bottling line all-round development The basic beverage filling equipment in China is based on imported equipment and technology developed in the eighties, the introduction of a variety of beverage filling production line of more than 300, including over 500 beer filling line . The introduction of filling production line is mainly divided into the following categories:

Glass bottle beverage filling line introduced in the 1980s to 116 glass bottle beverage filling line is mainly used for carbonated beverages, which introduced over 80 is bookkeeping trade from Eastern European countries, including Romania, 35, West Germany 30 Poland, the Czech Republic 8. Filling line, including the introduction of the foreign exchange West Germany 23, Japan 3, United States 6, Italy 1. Production line equipment unloading boxes machine, bottle washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, labeling machine, inkjet printer, the gas-water mixer, packing machine and so on. Online vacuum detector testing equipment, liquid level detector, filling capacity 150,200,300 to 400 bottles / min. Equipment manufacturers in Germany SEN, H & K, O + H, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan, Italy Chimoio Raz (the Simonazzi), United States Meyer and other.

Light machine factory in Guangdong in 1984 the introduction of Germany SEN and H & K’s beer filling line manufacturing technology, manufacturing 20,000 bottles per hour bottled beer filling line, the Nanjing Light Factory and of Hefei Light Machine Factory to Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, manufacturing each hours, 18,000 bottles / min the soda bottling line. Other filling line of the Chongqing Light Factory (mapping Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, 32/8 equipment, 14000 bottles / min) and Langfang packaging equipment Manufacturing Corporation (mapping Germany SEN 24/6 devices, from 6000 to 8000 bottles / hour).

Our drinks, beer market also led to the development of the packaging machinery industry

    In recent years, with the continuous progress of China-made equipment, domestic equipment basically replace the imported equipment. In 1986, the former Ministry of Light Industry of China Light Industry Machinery Corporation through technology and trade as the way, 20,000 bottles / h beer production line imported from Germany KHs introduction in 1993, and from KHs contemporary technical level of 36,000 bottles / h beer bottling line, through the introduction of technology digestion and absorption, the domestic processing and technical leap forward, the China beer beverage manufacturing technology and equipment manufacturing technology on a new level, partial filling, sealing one of the devices has reached a high level, the level of packaging production line has also been improved, and has to meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises, the part can replace imported equipment, and the export volume has increased annually. Most of these machines are high-speed automated production lines, high reliability, high yield, and some of the equipment is the most advanced models in the world today. In some drinks, beer companies packaging simultaneous development of the level of developed countries.

Filling Machinery , beverages, beer the glass spin (pressure) cover machinery and food packaging machinery, high-speed, sets, and a high degree of automation and reliability characteristics. Glass bottle filling spin (pressure) to cover the trends of machine line West is a versatile, high-yield. Unhappy with waves Hop wonderful, _ dill glass shoots bottle like vinegar bottle filling tea drinks, coffee, feed, soy milk drinks and juice drinks and other Juice Hot Filling Machine. High-speed, high-volume Beverage Filling Machine filling speed most from the 800 cans / min. 50 100 non-carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve, filling speeds of up to 500 cans / min.


High technology content, high reliability, and the full range of the level of self-control and a full range of high efficiency; supporting a comprehensive online monitoring device and metering device can automatically detect the parameters, measurement accuracy; mechanical, electrical, gas, light, magnetic as one high-tech products is filling machinery industry trends.

Beverage filling machine


Beverage filling machine according to filling principle can be divided into normal pressure filling machine, pressure filling machine and vacuum filling machine;

Atmospheric pressure filling machine is in the atmospheric pressure by liquid filling weight. This kind of filling machine and divided into timing filling and constant volume filling two kinds, only suitable for the low viscosity does not contain the gas liquid such as water filling machine, wine filling machine, etc.

Pressure filling machine is above atmospheric pressure filling, also can be divided into two kinds: one kind is liquid cylinder and the pressure inside the bottle of pressure equal, by liquid weight into the bottle and filling, known as the constant pressure filling; Another kind is liquid cylinder pressure is higher than in the bottle of pressure, the liquid by differential pressure into the bottle inside, high speed production line with this method. Pressure filling machine is suitable for liquid filling containing gas, such as beer filling machine, beverage filling machine, etc.

Vacuum filling machine is in the bottle of pressure below atmospheric pressure filling;

The filling machine structure is simple, efficiency is higher, the viscosity of the material to adapt to a wide range, such as oil, syrup, fruit wine, etc. Can be applicable.

The process is commonly: equipped with empty bottle boxes piled up in the tray, in which the conveyor belt to depalletizer, will tray off one by one, the box with the conveyor belt to discharge box machine, will empty bottle unbox, empty the conveyor belt to wash box machine, the clean, and then transported to packing machine side, so that will put a beverage bottle load among them. From the discharge box machine out of the empty bottle, the other a conveyor belt into bottle washer disinfection and washing, the bottles inspection machine test, accord with clean standard after the filling machine and cap-screwing machine. Drink by filling machine into the bottle. Pack good beverage bottle with the cap-screwing machine seal and delivery to the labeling machine labeling, labeled after sent to the packing machine load box and into the reactor tray machine piled up on a tray into the warehouse.

Beverage filling machine principle characteristic

A, the filling machine is A automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, applicable to various oil filling, such as lubricating oil, edible oil filling.

B, this model is equipped with touch screen, frequency control of motor speed conveyor belt 8 meters, automatic induction type capping machine, and the true air defence drip apparatus.

C, the filler has beautiful shape, filling high accuracy, convenient adjustment, easy to operate etc.

1, man-machine interface, direct set filling quantity;

2, PLC program control, frequency converter speed control line filling;

3, high precision displacement meter, quantitative accurate and reliable;

4, mechanical seal vacuum back to the suction double drip-proof;

5, after first fast slow double flow rate high filling.

Summer beverage filling machine research how to ace in the hole?

In the summer, the peak period of the beverage has come. Beverage filling machine became the focus of the current beverage companies. High-speed liquid filling machine, beverage filling machine companies in the design and development of manufacturing should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) market demand; (2) purchasing power; (3) the ability to adapt: General stability and reliability; (4) product positioning and structure selection.

Need to pay attention to the following details in the R & D and manufacturing high-speed beverage filling machine: (1) in accordance with the national conditions of China, high-speed machines speed between 150 ~ 200 boxes / min; (2) to further improve the paper requirements; (3) to be consideredconnection to connect to machine problems, considering, supporting the connection of the rear end of conveyor belt, the production of phase adaptation packaging material, reduce the carton cost requirements.

Beverage filling machine speed beverage filling machine for lower-speed filling machines in the domestic use of surface smaller lot, its mainly used in the production of large-scale enterprises.R & D and manufacturing to pay attention to the following details: (1) product design as humane as possible. The machine is to give people, so the design should fully take into account the demand for the use of the operating personnel. Such as the touch screen of the password should be simple to understand, the touch screen as far as possible is placed on the operator easy hand touch to the second place; (2) configure the machine shall be excellent. Running speed of high-speed beverage filling machine, the machine configuration must be excellent, such as a motor, the PLC, inverter, photoelectric switches, rails, etc., you should try to use the high-quality products; (3) should fully take into account the volume factor of the machine. For most enterprises made beverage filling machine single inch is an inch of gold.

Speed beverage filling machine R & D and manufacturing need to pay attention to the following aspects: (1) improvement of the process of the machinery and equipment, especially machining accuracy, and ensure the stability of mechanical components; (2) Senior Product pneumatic components, make the product at a certain timewithin to ensure accuracy of work; (3) automatic control to enhance the development of the monitoring function, to avoid a result of the the boxes lack of beverage filling machine, the lack of instructions in the box, with box lot number, box damaged production accidents cause production enterprises; (4)The overloading running shutdown alarm security guard should be run. According to our experience, the attention to detail in the research and development of high-speed beverage filling machine. By beverage filling machines now on sale in the market point of view (including imported and domestic), its principle and structure of the main part of the much the same, only in automatic blanking and tray crawl on the exhibition director, vary widely .


Filling machine in an important position in the enterprise in the ecological chain

The development of enterprises depends on the combined effect of the internal and external environmental factors, is a complex process, the external environment is not a business decision, but the environment within the enterprise can influence and change, for the development of the packaging machine industry by leaps and bounds in recent years, to become the industry notlack the internal components of the filling machine as an important one in the packaging machine industry enterprises in the ecological chain status.

Enterprises can grasp many factors within the healthy development of an enterprise, the departments it’ll coordination of development and common progress, every process is very important for the production sector, but for the sale of part of sales is the basis of interdepartmental coordination is very important, the production department with the production of qualified products, production equipment is very critical for a variety of businesses, the Heart of the filling machine equipment,to meet the daily needs of the production, it is very difficult to achieve, especially for drinks, wine and other industries important to drink filling machine for beverage filling needs more filling machine can be said to be the soul of these industries, the enterprise ecosystemchain can be the key.

Filling machine development in recent years is obvious to all, is the mythology of the packaging machine industry, filling machine as a key enterprise industry chain, by various industry attention, filling machine industry experts predict future industry for fillingmachine requirements will gradually increase with the development of the industry to the functional requirements of the filling machine auxiliary equipment, from single to multi-function development. We can see a lot now filling machine, such as juice hot filling machine, bottle filling machine, wine filling machine and water filling machine. Under active research and development of the secondary function of the related equipment filling machine filling machine development to meet the needs of enterprise development.

Filling machine in the development prospects of all walks of life

The filling machine led to the rapid development of many enterprises, in many industries have to use very quickly, so that the development of the filling machine. Filling machine widely used in the food industry, beverage industry, daily chemical industry, with the emergence of aquatic products, packaging technology and equipment have put forward new demands. The following briefly discusses the prospects for development under the filling machine in all walks of life:

Food industry: At present, food packaging machinery and competition increasingly fierce, will be coordinated with the future of food filling machinery industrial automation, to promote the overall level of packaging equipment, the development of versatile, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment. Many companies annual output value in the tens of millions of millions of small, this phenomenon indicates that the Chinese packaging industry occupied a dominant position in the market. However, due to the very rapid development, there will be part of the enterprises are facing bankruptcy or demobilized, while another part to join the ranks extremely volatile, seriously hampering the development of the industry’s stability. Therefore, we should consider from the perspective of changes in the market, to ensure the stability and development.

Daily chemical industry, filling machine is the fastest growing in the industry, cosmetics, some toothpaste, shoe polish and other Japanese products can not be separated from the filling machine filling, many companies also accelerated the production using the new filling equipment instead of the traditional filling equipment, so speed up the production efficiency of the enterprise. Day of the rapid consumption of the market, thereby stimulating the rapid development of the filling machine in daily chemical industry.

Pharmaceutical industry, the filling of some of the liquid drug or viscous liquid filling from the filling machine. : Three oral liquid, loquat extract, various pesticides using liquid filling machine, bottle filling machine, or paste filling machine for filling.

In addition, the chemical industry, as well as a special paste or liquid products can use the filling machine for filling, so you can guarantee product quality and reduce pollution.

Filling machine technology innovation


From the eighty s our country independent create the first filling machine since, for our country’s economic growth, people’s quality of life made an indelible contribution. Filling machinery in our country has two hundred and thirty years’ development, the domestic filling machine manufacturers in their respective technology, market, enterprise culture is created his own style. But we have to see clearly, our country some large enterprise production need liquid filling machine still introduce foreign. Domestic filling machine imports with total output value but has quite, and technical level and from developed countries, especially in automatic integration control system don’t have their own hard power.

There are many in the industry the phenomenon of excessive dependence on, and all these investigate its reason, the main reason is that our country filling machine technology level is not advanced, the development of high-end filling machinery. Of course at present our country filling machine industry existing problem is far more than these, such as: enterprise lack of macroscopic overall planning, lack of funds, the enterprise used for filling machine function innovation investment average less than 1%, not pay great attention to the talents, lack of professional and technical personnel, etc., these are hindering our country filling machine industry overall progress.

Domestic filling machine enterprise is numerous, but professional and leading irrigation machine manufacturer is not much, domestic filling machine mutual imitated too much, a filling machine industry also so a few have their own mechanical design ability to develop new products. Other manufacturers will follow up come. So in the Internet we find filling chance to see many products, but most of the identical. While in a foreign country we examine some filling machinery manufacturers, their products both in appearance or design principle has bigger difference, and foreign filling machine not only has multi-function, high speed, high output, but also have high technical content, high reliability characteristics, these are all our domestic filling machine possesses the characteristics.

Buy filling machine to consider factors

Enterprise in filling machine should buy from various aspects, according to the first products to determine the characteristics of the purchase which type filling machine, such as wine filling machine, water filling machine, Beverage filling machine, wine machine filling often choose atmospheric pressure filling machine. Grease filling machine applied the cosmetic, medicine, food, pesticides and other industries. Then according to each manufacturer production of filling machine were compared. Now China’s production of filling machine ratio than a few years ago to improve a lot, its high precision, the operation more convenient, simple and reasonable structure more. To import of polls.

Finally, in buying filling machine to consider after-sales service, especially in food, daily chemical industry, if filling machine can not work normally, the working efficiency is greatly reduced. Brings to the enterprise’s loss is palpable. When buy so, should choose as far as possible some good reputation in the industry, the long history of the company.

Enterprise in filling machine using and maintenance of aspects also should make full full preparations, especially for workers dress, operation requirement is high. The operator should have dressed, avoid is hanged adorn clothes, in order to avoid falling into the to filling machine in normal operation effect.

In use before filling machine, staff need to check the filling machine are sundry, if use process was found to have the sound of abnormal, should immediately stop running, view the reasons, to prevent unnecessary damage. In after use end, should be cleaned and maintenance, ensure filling machine long service life, when clean, do not use water or is a liquid.