Single cylinder low vacuum canned machine in hot beverage filling in the application of



At present, single cylinder pressure Filling Machine  has been widely used in the production of enterprises. The author passes from the understanding to this series, filling machine in the practical application process of the problems encountered and solutions, summed up a few experience for wide hot beverage production enterprises in the procurement of filling machine.


Cylinder pressure filling machine in the beverage filling machine, Juice Hot Filling Machine ,Drinking Water Filling Machine, liquid filling machine, filling machine, with its canned high speed and accuracy, no leakage, range, high degree of automation, convenient maintenance and other features have been widely used in the production of enterprises, by the user favorite special is the production line staff. But this series filling machine in hot beverages ( such as apple cider vinegar ) filling in, according to the various understanding and application process of the problems encountered and solutions, summed up a few experience for wide hot beverage production enterprises in the procurement of filling machine.


Liquid material in the process of heating when the temperature rises to the temperature required, should adjust the heating device to slow heat supply, avoiding the liquid material continued to increase or decrease, such as liquid rises to ninety degrees Celsius when the jar jar into the filling machine, the electronic flow meter and a temperature indicator which bear the highest temperature is one hundred degrees centigrade, once the material close to this temperature, the electronic flow meter and temperature indicators will be inaccurate and the loss of their function; such as the temperature of the material will reduce the accuracy of rapid decline, affect the wine canned speed valve. The filling machine models adapted to the temperature of the material is in the range of 1~95 ℃.


Beverage production enterprises in order to reduce the cost of beverage bottle, easy to overlook the uniformity requirements. The same bottle or bottle diameter different thicknesses, a maximum difference of 2 ~4mm, the bottle into the filling machine, bottle into the wheel easily stuck, because the bottle shifting wheel is mounted on the card bottle automatic stop device, thereby affecting the production efficiency; at the same time on the bottle mouth diameterφrequirements 24 -φ47mm, such as the bottle mouth is too small, filling liquor in the valve of the valve needle is easy to touch the bottle inside, produce glass slag into the beverage bottle; large, filling liquor in the valve guide bottle cover sealing area is too large and reduce or lose the sealing effect, leading to dissatisfaction with or without filling filling. In addition the bottle to stand vertically, not too steep, or affect the wine bottle cover on the bottle valve guide to action, not easy to leak in the bottle, form do not become negative pressure causing the material to filling, thereby affecting production.


Hot filling production workshop is generally high temperature, poor ventilation, which is bound to affect the normal use of the filling machine, especially in summer. Due to high environmental temperature humidity is big, the filling machine worktable under installation electrical control components will pose a serious threat, due to fan out heat will be distributed to the surrounding machine, more susceptible to electrical components ( such as the frequency converter ) short-circuit burned. Solution : on the one hand to improve the workshop ventilation condition, on the other hand, we may consider the electrical control box moved outdoors or in ventilated and dry place, can also be in the fan air outlet pipe is communicated to the outside with a heat, reduce heat in filling machine around the emission, lower the temperature of the environment. The workshop should try the best control in ventilation, ambient temperature below thirty degrees Celsius, the temperature of 15-20 degrees, relative humidity should be controlled below 40%, when the temperature of 22-30 degrees, relative humidity 30% control in the following.

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